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Perfect Project’s implementation process for MSPs: what happens next?

Welcome to Moovila! Here’s what to expect in your onboarding process.

Perfect Project’s implementation process for MSPs

Congratulations! You signed up for Perfect Project for MSPs. You are starting on a journey that will help you optimize and automate project delivery. Every MSP is different. So, every onboarding instance is unique. But in general, this is the experience we see. 

Sign on the dotted line

Once you sign your contract, you will get an email detailing what happens next. That welcome email will include important dates, introductions, and suggest several things to think about before the Kickoff meeting: 

  1. An introduction to your onboarding manager. This person will be your direct contact for any questions you may have now and throughout the onboarding process.  

  2. Suggested times for your kickoff meeting. We want to schedule that as soon as possible. 

  3. A list of the details we need in order to set you up in the software and customize your upcoming training. 

  4. An agenda for the Kickoff Meeting. 

  5. It will ask you to identify who, in your firm, will need to get set up in the system and how you intend to roll out your deployment of the software. 

  6. It will also ask you to identify any repeatable projects you would like to set up in your new project management system. 

  7. One last, important, question: This email will ask you to consider your current project management pain points and what you hope to get out of Perfect Project. We have found that organizations that take some time now to consider and articulate their goals, get much more out of the next steps.  

Moovila Onboarding Team

The Kickoff Meeting 

The Kickoff Meeting is where you will meet your onboarding manager and, perhaps, other members of the Moovila team.


This meeting is virtual and happens, typically, via Teams. We hit the ground running in this meeting. You will come out of it ready to get the ball rolling, schedule 12 weeks of training, and gather the details necessary to set up your team in the software.  

Bring all your questions to this meeting!  

Attendees at this meeting are typically the key stakeholders in your organization as well as the onboarding manager.  

Consider bringing the project sponsor, the person who will do the day-to-day project management in Moovila, and anyone else who is invested in the deployment. We usually see between two and  four stakeholders at this meeting.  

In the Kickoff meeting, we will determine who, in your organization, will be users and superusers of and discuss what you hope to get out of Perfect Project. Our training system is a “train-the-trainer” model that will allow your superusers to educate everyone else in your organization who will ultimately use our tools. 

This discussion will help us plan your 12 weeks of training and help you plan for attendance at those training sessions. Perhaps, for example, you have specialists – in finance or other areas – you would like to invite to certain training sessions. You will get a complete schedule in this meeting to facilitate that planning. 

Next, we will show you the project plan we’ll use for onboarding. You will have access to all of our Quick Start guides and training materials at this point so you can start learning as soon as you like. 

In this meeting – or via email following that meeting – we will schedule the next step: Orientation. 


In the Orientation, you will be given access to the software. We will be managing the onboarding and training as a Moovila project! 

We showed you the onboarding project in the Kickoff meeting. Now you will have access to it. As you complete tasks and access files, you will use Perfect Project to guide you through the process, access files, and tick off what has been completed. 

You’ll see everything from the Kickoff meeting to your 12 weeks of training – and the focus of each training session – scheduled in this project. 

After this orientation meeting, you will have full access to the software. So, if you are eager to start building out projects, you can start immediately. In fact, doing so would allow you to bring questions and problems that come up to your training sessions.


The Orientation is also where we dig into your rollout process. We will discuss if you want to choose a date in the future to move all projects to Moovila, start with a single project, or look back in time and move all unfinished projects into the software. We will cover the pros and cons of each strategy and so that you can settle on the best plan for your firm. 

12 Weeks of Training

Our intensive, train-the-trainer program covers everything you need to know to become expert users of Perfect Project. The first session of this training is the next step in your onboarding process. 

Each session will include plenty of time for you to bring your own projects and questions to the discussion so that the training is focused on your projects, pain point, goals, and specific hurdles.  

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you unlock new levels of operational efficiency and clarity.  

See you at the Kickoff Meeting!

If you’re a current Moovila Partner and have more questions after onboarding please reach out to your onboarding specialist or contact support. If you’re a potential Partner and you still have  lingering questions about onboarding or any aspects of the product please reach out to your Account Manager or contact



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