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The importance of trustable data and work processes in software implementation

As a professional services firm, your promise is your reputation.

When you deliver a digital transformation scope of work, you’re accountable for getting it done on time and on budget. That said, your customers have little way of knowing if your plans are solid or filled with hidden timebombs waiting to go off. Missed deadlines can translate into overages, which means you will have some explaining to do if and when something goes wrong. If only your customers could check in along the way to see how things are moving along.

That’s why Moovila created a more intelligent work management platform that’s transparent in every way. It’s designed with AI assistance and a debugger that can find and fix any flaws in your processes, so you can deliver accurate plans you can trust. Unlike other project management platforms that are virtually blind to your input (“garbage in; garbage out”), Moovila works not only to connect your entire work ecosystem, but to identify and remediate risks using Intelligent Project Control™—so those beautiful proposals you work so hard to develop deliver the impact you promise.

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through an implementation process only to be sidelined by a bottleneck of interdependent tasks or staffing changes. Throw in a virtual game of task-ownership "Hot Potato", and before you know it, your rollout is late. Having a proper plan in place is critical to success, however, without a connected work ecosystem to help orchestrate the minutiae, even the best implementation plans can get derailed.

Unlike other work management platforms, Moovila comes equipped with built-in math algorithms to optimize your outcomes. It’s the magic of our Critical Path Engine that automatically builds your rollout based on project management best practices—something you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, our Intelligent Project Control™ steps in with a virtual AI-assistant, project scoring tools, and even a debugger. There’s no other work management platform so vested in your success.

Just one of the ways we’re helping software implementors build a reputation for accuracy is by implementing the proprietary project scoring tool, RPAX. It assesses your projects to determine the viability of your scheduled delivery dates and budget. That means not only can you present a visual path of project completion to your current and potential customers beforehand, but you can also show proof of delivery with a project score much like a credit score rating.

One company embracing this new technology is Raven Intel—a peer review platform that helps Enterprise Software customers find, hire and review the best consulting partner for their software project. Raven Intel’s Systems Integrator (SI) listings feature an RPAX score for a firm’s project methodology scores in tandem with customer project review ratings. This move to full transparency and accuracy is sure to push some consultancies higher to the top and allow customers to have an independent view of the strength of an SI’s standard methodology

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