Project Portfolio Management Software

Project Portfolio Management

Uncover hidden risks and manage your portfolio with confidence

Moovila enables portfolio leaders to quickly make smarter strategic decisions and implement them across every project.

As a portfolio grows, the difficulty of running your operation while maintaining quality work increases exponentially. With so many stakeholders to communicate with and strategic decisions to be made, it's impossible to keep up. You're constantly seeking answers to key business questions.


Which projects are behind schedule?


What does capacity look like for the next 3 months?


Where are the hidden risks in our portfolio?

Moovila answers these essential business questions with innovative AI features and an intuitive interface so you can lead your portfolio with informed, decisive action.

(Finally!) accurate resource management and capacity planning


 Time tracking, resource allocation, capacity forecasting and more—everything you expect in a leading resource management platform is here, as well as innovative features like the SmartSchedule work prioritization engine.


Moovila's powerful capacity forecasts are built from both current projects and future opportunities to present a more accurate vision of future work. Integrate work and personal calendars to factor in meetings, time off, and vacations to present a "real life" view of availability. 

Capacity Forecasting Software
SmartSchedule Work Prioritization
Daily Capacity
Task Prioritization

SmartSchedule mathematically optimizes the order of everyone's work to ensure on-time delivery. 

Automated risk detection & mitigation

Project Risk Debugging
Project Risk Scoring
Prevent unforeseen project delays and overruns with Intelligent Project Control (IPC), our AI-powered automated risk detection and mitigation suite. IPC continuously scans your project plans for hidden risks like capacity conflicts and critical path delays, automatically surfaces those risks, and helps you quickly resolve them.

Crystal clear portfolio visibility


Make quicker decisions with customizable dashboards and reports that keep essential information at your fingertips.

Project Portfolio View
Dashboard Panels
The best part: Moovila gives you data you can trust.


We built our dashboards from the bottom up to aggregate granular data from tasks, dependencies, and time entries, instead of simple lists and percentage-based allocation estimates, to give you the most accurate picture of your work ecosystem possible.

Superior project management


Any portfolio decisions should always be based on a strong foundation of project management data. With Moovila, you can build projects in a familiar style in the Power Grid, and visualize your work in an intuitive new view with the patent-pending Critical Path Engine.

Project Schedule
Dashboard Insights
Team Chat

Control how you view your work with dynamic personal dashboards, and keep team members on the same page with contextual chat.

Budget Dashboard

Real-time budgets and profitability


Automatically build and track project budgets based on work estimates, and get precise profitability forecasts based on your project plan and time tracking data. Visualize these calculations with dashboards and reports to get a clear picture of your portfolio's finances.

Easy integrations


Your business operates across multiple software platforms, and we know that you need your data to sync smoothly across them. Moovila integrates with many popular products that teams use everyday to streamline execution and connect all pertinent project data in one platform.

Microsoft 365
Google Calendar
Microsoft Teams


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Moovila Project Management Software

Project intake 


Run your work intake and prioritization on the same platform as your project management and reporting to unify your entire work lifecycle. Combine Moovila's integrated document management and dynamic project templates to keep your portfolio delivery on-strategy and on-time.

See how Moovila can help your portfolio shine