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Webinar: What the Hell Happens Now? Smarter Work Plans to Handle Shocks to the HR System

Webinar Presented through: Human Resource Executive

Recorded on: Tuesday, June 30 at 2:00-3:00 PM ET

2020, you took our goals and threw them out the window: a global health pandemic. An economic crisis. Social justice protests. Riots and curfews. Murder hornets!?! What started as a mass shift to remote work (“Get off XBox, my Zoom is freezing!“), has become something bigger: uncertainty about what happens next.

As HR leaders, we have responsibility for helping to restore structure and confidence. Which means we need to do more than hunt down and solve HR issues—we need a plan, a simple, smart approach to making the future manageable that others can follow.

So, whether you are transitioning people back to the office safely or making remote work permanent, we’ll help you get out of the tactics and develop that smart plan others will follow. During this session, we’ll cover:

  • Creating work management plans that have deadline integrity

  • Accurately forecasting outcomes amidst uncertainty

  • Identifying & addressing hidden risks within your plans

  • Eliminating common communication roadblocks to increase accountability



Jason Seiden Change Communications Consultant, Jason Seiden LLC

Jason is a communications consultant who helps organizations accelerate and sustain the adoption of new behaviors. His 20+ year career story includes chapters as exited entrepreneur, first LinkedIn-certified service partner in North America, and—once upon a time—Executive Producer of

Mike Psenka CEO, Moovila

Mike founded Moovila in 2012 to create technologies that would enable the next stage of digital transformation in work. In addition to core business strategy and day-to-day operations at Moovila, Mike is heavily involved in platform architecture and design.

Prior to Moovila, Mike founded eThority, an award-winning business intelligence and analytics company. In 2011, he sold eThority to Equifax where he led and scaled the business into a segment leader in the compliance arena for Equifax. He graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and holds multiple technology patents related to the products and services produced by his companies. Mike is married with four children who also happen to be the best people he knows.



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